Viksit Engineering Limited is a trading organization which deals in trade of manufacturing and agriculture goods.




Viksit Engineering Limited (VEL), a BSE Listed Company incorporated in the year 1983, deals in wide range of iron and steel products viz. Billets, ingots, bars, rods and alloys and metals required in or used for industrial, agricultural, transport, Commercial, domestic buildings or construction purposes.

Apart from Steel, Company trades in diverse range of high quality agricultural produce viz. Pulses. Our well-heeled experience in the field enables us to offer wide variety of carefully selected, scientifically inspected and meticulously packed products according to international quality standards to our customers. We are poised for making great strides in business we are.

We strive to conduct business in ways that reflect our standards of Business conduct – collectively as a Company and as individual employees within the Company. We must not sacrifice our integrity to achieve our business objectives.

Annual Report
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Annual Report & Proxy Form
Annual Report Proxy Form

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icon Viksit Engineering Limited,

Regd. Office: Room No. 1-2,
Kapadia Chambers, 5 1 Bharuch Street,
Masjid Bunder (E),
Mumbai - 400009 (MH.)

Email: investor_viksit@yahoo.in
Website: viksit.in

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